Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Blinds

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Blinds

No doubt, we Australians are outdoorsy, and we love every bit of it. In fact, even at home, every one in two Australian homeowners utilise their property’s outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

With so much love for the alfresco living, does your space really have what it takes to boost your experience? Do you feel shaded, safe, and comfortable when spending time outdoors? Since outdoor living remains high on the Aussie agenda, outdoor blinds are an effective solution to add to that experience.

But not just any blinds would do the trick. Consider the following factors to buy the best outdoor blinds and get the most out of your pergola or patio.

KnowYour Needs

To get the best outdoor blinds for your property, understand your particular needs first. Know the purpose of use, the area of installation, the level of privacy you require, any specific design elements, and more. Factor in your requirements to set realistic expectations. Knowing your needs also assists you in finalising the right service provider and checking if they can accommodate your needs.


Outdoor blinds come at all prices based on the customisations you choose. Talk to at least three companies to know the average cost of blinds in your location. Also include the cost of installation and any additional services. It will help set your budget right and see what you can afford.


Looking to give your outdoors an aesthetical boost? The appearance of your blinds is something to consider. Your chosen blinds must look and feel inviting and complement the overall style of your space.

The Protection They Offer

Outdoor blinds are designed to provide shade and comfort. But make sure they are in the right colour, made of the correct materials, and have an optimal design. This will ensure a regulated temperature, block out light completely or partially, and protect from sun, wind, and rain.

Ease of Use

The blinds you wish to invest in must be easy to use. The process of pulling up and down shouldn’t be like rocket science. Automated blinds, those controllable by a remote or mobile app, are even more convenient for smarter operations.


Quality is the key. Your chosen blinds must be high-performing and offer greater protection to last longer. High-quality blinds should be fade-resistant and shouldn’t crack, split, or warp. The blinds you wish to install must require minimal maintenance and/or repairs.


Often, affordability and durability are two factors that go hand in hand to help you make the final choice. So, ensure the blinds you choose are high-quality, under your budget, and durable. This will assure your blinds’ longevity while facilitating a hassle-free outdoor experience.


Know who will be installing your blinds – you might need professional help. While some companies offer free installations, others might not. Professional installation will be a work of perfection, ensuring correct and seamless functioning of the blinds. This also reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

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