Are Outdoor Blinds Right For Your Needs? Let’s Find Out!

Are Outdoor Blinds Right For Your Needs? Let’s Find Out!

Outdoor blinds are a perfect addition to just any Australian home. These aren’t like your typical shades and are costlier than those but worth every investment. If you are torn between your options and can’t decide if you must install outdoor blinds in your alfresco area, we can help. Here’s what our experts have to say.

What Are Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds, a.k.a. alfresco blinds, are a window treatment perfect for backyards, decks, patios, and porches. These are adjustable outdoor shading solutions to address your privacy concerns, provide shade, and protect outdoor furniture.

These functional screens also keep insects out, block UV rays, and prevent wind gusts and rain showers. There’s a big dose of luxury and versatility with outdoor blinds and even good-quality awnings, for that matter.

The internal mechanism is pretty heavy-duty to withstand outside elements and resists warping, fading, breaking, or mould growth. All these benefits come at a much less cost than any permanent construction.

Can You See Through Your Outdoor Blinds?

Depending on your fabric choice, you may get a semitransparent or an opaque shading solution. However, most homeowners prefer their blinds to be see-through – enough to preserve the views and keep prying eyes away. This particular aspect also impacts the liveability of the space as well as your energy costs. This can be better understood with the help of a shading specialist near you. Speak to one immediately to know more about your choices.

Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Weather Elements Away?

Heavy-duty outdoor blinds can deflect rain, heat, and wind. However, this will also depend on the pattern and material you choose for your blinds. Many designs would not keep weather elements completely away but definitely act as armour to keep you from getting drenched in sweat or rain showers. This way, you get to spend more time outdoors. Talk to an expert, and they might be able to help you with your options that form a sealed barrier, providing maximum weatherproofing.

Do You Need Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds create a slice of paradise right in your outdoor spaces. However, this might not be a suitable solution for every homeowner. So, how can you decide if blinds are an appropriate addition to your home? Answer these questions!

  • Want to keep water, wind, and heat outside?
  • Wish to improve the aesthetics of your property?
  • Thinking of creating an additional living space?
  • Don’t want to add an expensive permanent structure?
  • Looking to add a cost-effective layer of protection?

If you answered yes to the above questions, installing premium quality outdoor blinds and awnings may be the right option for you. It is one of the expensive ways to enclose yet brighten up your alfresco areas and seamlessly create modern seating.

Opt for neutral hues for an elegant look, or go bold with patterns and loud colours. Once you have a sheltered place, you can adorn it with accessories that complement the overall feel and look of the area. You can also add some cosy and eye-catching furniture for a chic style. Whatever option suits your preference and budget needs, go for it. Both manual and automated blinds help quickly and effectively transform your outside space.

Looking For a Premium Outdoor Blinds Supplier? We Can Help.

Shading your alfresco spaces can make your outdoor experiences much more relaxing and enjoyable. So to make the area even more protected, install high-quality outdoor shades from ADG Outdoor Blinds. Our experts can visit your home, take all measurements, suggest suitable options, and deliver perfection in the form of durable, superior, and appropriate blinds. We also offer free installations. Call us on 0474 176 315 to schedule your appointment or request a quick quote.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Outdoor Blinds for Your Home In 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Outdoor Blinds for Your Home In 2023

Do you find prying eyes intruding and highly frustrating with your open and visible outdoor spaces? Or maybe you are looking for options to relish the outdoors with no distress?

Outdoor blinds are the perfect warrior to fight the troubles and provide a pleasant home environment. Apart from this, there are substantial benefits that outdoor blinds offer to your home, shutting out the possible comfort seizing elements.

Let us explore the potential advantages of outdoor blinds and why these make a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Outdoor Blinds for Your Australian Home?

There are myriad advantages of blinds, and here are the top reasons why you must invest in one.

Reduced Energy Costs

During summers, it becomes tough to tackle the high energy costs due to AC running to maintain optimum indoor temperature. By installing outdoor blinds, you can effectively reduce the temperature of your house by up to 10 degrees. It saves your energy usage and, ultimately, the consumption costs.

Protection from Intruders

Outdoor blinds are intelligently designed to regulate the inflow of light while protecting you from potential threats or attacks. These create a trouble-free environment and prevent prying eyes from causing harm. In turn, you can enjoy a carefree atmosphere at your home.

Designed To Suit Any Home

Thinking whether these will be best for your home or not? Don’t worry; outdoor blinds are perfect for any Australian home. Whether constructing your house from scratch or remodelling the outdoors, you can get these blinds installed to serve their purpose without interruption.

Allows You to Play With Time

If you are not interested in having a “full-bloom day vibe” or being playful while enjoying a night staying at home, you need not wait for hours to welcome the evening. These blinds can block the daylight, and you can enjoy your night, partying etc., without any trouble. It provides you with an element to wanting more. In addition, you can enhance the architectural appeal of your home.

Highly Durable and Innovative

When you are investing handsome bucks along with so many efforts to add the component to your home, it deserves to accompany you for a longer time, and these outside blinds serve this purpose very well.In addition, as AI-based smart devices are assisting in raising the comfort of lives, these blinds are potent for serving the same. They are associated with the intelligent sensor, which helps you to automate the regulation of blinds activities, temperature control and much more.

Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Blinds

Here are a few noteworthy tips to consider selecting the outdoor blinds that complement your home correctly.

  • The first integral function of the outdoor blinds is to provide protection and privacy. Still, a wise selection can also integrate the stylish appeal and match the aesthetics of your home. Choose accurately to fulfill these concerns.
  • Also, assess whether the outdoor blinds are thick enough to block the inside view, preventing any interference with your privacy.
  • Choose temperature control blinds to maintain a comfortable environment in your outdoor spaces.
  • You can look for the specific privacy concern-related blinds which potentially block the outsider from viewing inside, but you will see the outside activities.
  • Carefully select the colour of the blinds so that it blends with the rest of the home and won’t seem unpleasant to the eyes. It’s not a primary thing, but essential to consider. Choosing a dark colour would be a wiser option as it doesn’t get dirty soon. It requires less frequent maintenance services.
  • Consider the size and install them accordingly to maintain the overall vibe of the house.
  • As you need to invest money, it is crucial to get your concern addressed along with reasonable prices.

Get Endlessly Customisable Shading Solutions with ADG Outdoor Blinds

Just as choosing the right window solutions are mandatory to adequately upgrade the outdoors, choosing the right brand is also crucial. ADG Outdoor Blinds is equipped with expert teams to provide pocket-friendly, durable, and custom-made outdoor solutions to perfectly suit your requirements. Want to upgrade your outdoors durably and with an aesthetic look? Contact us at 0474 176 315 to speak to our executives for the best advice and a quick call.

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Blinds

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Blinds

No doubt, we Australians are outdoorsy, and we love every bit of it. In fact, even at home, every one in two Australian homeowners utilise their property’s outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

With so much love for the alfresco living, does your space really have what it takes to boost your experience? Do you feel shaded, safe, and comfortable when spending time outdoors? Since outdoor living remains high on the Aussie agenda, outdoor blinds are an effective solution to add to that experience.

But not just any blinds would do the trick. Consider the following factors to buy the best outdoor blinds and get the most out of your pergola or patio.

KnowYour Needs

To get the best outdoor blinds for your property, understand your particular needs first. Know the purpose of use, the area of installation, the level of privacy you require, any specific design elements, and more. Factor in your requirements to set realistic expectations. Knowing your needs also assists you in finalising the right service provider and checking if they can accommodate your needs.


Outdoor blinds come at all prices based on the customisations you choose. Talk to at least three companies to know the average cost of blinds in your location. Also include the cost of installation and any additional services. It will help set your budget right and see what you can afford.


Looking to give your outdoors an aesthetical boost? The appearance of your blinds is something to consider. Your chosen blinds must look and feel inviting and complement the overall style of your space.

The Protection They Offer

Outdoor blinds are designed to provide shade and comfort. But make sure they are in the right colour, made of the correct materials, and have an optimal design. This will ensure a regulated temperature, block out light completely or partially, and protect from sun, wind, and rain.

Ease of Use

The blinds you wish to invest in must be easy to use. The process of pulling up and down shouldn’t be like rocket science. Automated blinds, those controllable by a remote or mobile app, are even more convenient for smarter operations.


Quality is the key. Your chosen blinds must be high-performing and offer greater protection to last longer. High-quality blinds should be fade-resistant and shouldn’t crack, split, or warp. The blinds you wish to install must require minimal maintenance and/or repairs.


Often, affordability and durability are two factors that go hand in hand to help you make the final choice. So, ensure the blinds you choose are high-quality, under your budget, and durable. This will assure your blinds’ longevity while facilitating a hassle-free outdoor experience.


Know who will be installing your blinds – you might need professional help. While some companies offer free installations, others might not. Professional installation will be a work of perfection, ensuring correct and seamless functioning of the blinds. This also reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Buy Premium Outdoor Blinds from ADG Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are a cost-effective, high-quality, and convenient solution to upgrade your outdoor areas. Sourced from a reliable and reputable company such as ours assures each piece will be hand-crafted, weather-proof, durable, and suit your custom specifications. Our experts can offer the best possible outdoor blinds tailored to your unique needs. Looking for a long-term outdoor blind solution? We have your back. Call us anytime on 0474 176 315 for better assistance and a quick quote.